MDNet is a nationwide network of health professionals in developing countries, utilizing even the most basic mobile phones.


Health professionals better collaborate when they can communicate freely, find others for support, and interact with their government. So, we’ve built three components with MDNet.

Nearly 100% of physicians working in Ghana and Liberia are connected, with over 3 million calls made so far between doctors.

And we have a business model that makes us scale. Doctor-to-doctor calls are free, but calls made outside of the physician network are charged normally, generating substantial revenues for our telecom partners. We’ve brought $1.3 million in revenue to Vodafone Ghana so far. Telecoms win, health systems win.

We’re making it easier for health professionals to collaborate. The more they do, the better patients are served.

Dr Islynn Aggrey, a resident at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra, Ghana, said that as a new doctor, she had trouble finding other doctors